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He is a king

In todays society, I see it all too often. All through out America some females are dominating and demeaning men as if a man is a boy and and the men shut down. You should not do that. A Man is not a boy and you musnt talk to a him as such. Women have this weird idea in their minds that; “In order to keep a Man you have to put him on a short leash” and get him under control”. However, that emasculates him, and all that yelling and screaming? Will only make your Man feel humiliated because it shows you have no respect for yourself or as well as for your Man and your Man will shut down when you yell and scream at your Man. Men DO NOT want to come home to a wife who yells and screams at them after a hard day of work and they will tune you out. And, I personally don’t blame them one bit for doing it ,why would they?… Come on females wake up you do not need to yell and scream and carry on to get your point across! Calm down, listen to music, take a walk,or get a journal and write how you feel. Yes! write what upsets you the old fashioned way do whatever calms you without yelling and screaming at your man, Then go to him and sit down and communicate by talking calmly and rationally. Speak softly, give him a Woman a Man loves to come home to. Because All of that yelling and screaming at your man? Only provides a toxic and dramatic environment and it will destroy your marriage/ relationship 100.0%. Men do not want drama at home. They have enough drama at work every day that they must deal with, make your man happy to come home to you. If we all just talk and communicate, calmly and rationally, then maybe women would have more devoted husbands. Believe it or not?Men are more old fashioned in some ways that it may actually surprise you. As much as Women want to live in this new modern way of life. Some of the old traditions are highly sought after. And Women never had a bad idea because some traditions never die or fade out, nor should they, and a man who is looking for a wife wants his wife to talk rationally and calmly, always. Men are looking for a wife to communicate with him the old fashioned way. The minute a Woman starts treating her Man like a King he will behave like a King and he will treat you like a Queen… like his Queen. So in conclusion females if you want to be that wife for him, that Queen he’s looking for you must first treat him like a King.

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