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Love is not a movie

Women force men to be in relationships that do not really work because its not really meant to be and the reason is women have this idea that love needs to be like a scene from a movie and that is not realistic, yes some days are good however some days will be more about working on fixing a problem together as a team and being in a relationship is about being a team.  However if one person isnt in it than you must not force them to stay because all you are doing is prolonging a break up and it hurts you and the other person involved in the long run just let a relationship happen naturally,  you have to believe that right person will come at the right time and just wait for the right person to come at the right time. You cannot rely on someone else to make you happy happiness comed from within you will not be happy in a relationship where you are relying on someone to make you happy that actually shows that you are unhappy in reality and forcing someone to love you when they dont will only hurt you more, you may feel lonely at first but that feeling fades and you will be alright give yourself a break and some time love yourself be happy on your own and when someone else adds to your happiness that is when you will know. You must trust that everything will be alright and you will get through this.

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